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Information Covered

- Disassembly

- Function and Operation

- Assembly

- Proper Maitenance

- Function Testing

- Extractor Set-up and Tuning

- Ejector Set-up and Tuning

- Thumb Safety Fitting (Optional)

- Troubleshooting Malfunctions

- Maitenance Cycles

- Spring Rates and Cycles

February 22-23, 2024 / 1911-2011 Armorer Course / Ames, IA

Excluding Sales Tax
  • NOTE: I have included Brownells SKU data for reference. You do not need to purchase from Brownells or any of the vendors listed. All tools are suggestions and equivalents would be acceptable. Parts are chosen specifically and I suggest not straying from them. If you have a question on whether a tool or part is acceptable, please do not hesitate to reach out.


    Required Tools

    • 1911/2011 Handgun (DO NOT bring a custom 1911 to work on. The builder has set it up a specific way and should be contacted first to make changes.)
    • Clear eye protection
    • Full weight dummy round of your caliber ( )
    • #2 Swiss Cut Pillar File (Brownells sku 191399110)
    • Assorted Screw Driver Set (Brownells sku 080000444)
    • 10-8 Performance Armorers Block (
    • Brass/Nylon “gunsmith style” hammer (Brownells sku 818600100)
    • Small Round Needle File (approx 1/16”)
    • Assorted Steel Punches (1/16 and 5/32 at a minimum) (Brownells sku 827525860)
    • Assorted Sand Paper (220, 320, 400 grits at a minimum)
    • Blue Sharpie or Machinists Layout Fluid 
    • Round 3/16 Swiss Cut Chainsaw File (Brownells sku 360313231)
    • 1” painters or masking tape
    • Canned air
    • Acetone (You will not need a lot)
    • Nylon cleaning brush/tooth brush
    • Gun oil (Hoppes/CLP or similar)
    • Shop type rags or towels


    Required Parts

    • Wilson Combat Bulletproof (NOT HD) Extractor for your Caliber (Ensure the series (70/80) is correct as well) (Brownells sku 965415070)
    • Wilson Combat Extended Ejector (Ensure the caliber is correct) (Brownells sku 965034045)
    • (Optional) Wilson Combat (Bulletproof), Ed Brown, or EGW Thumb Safety (Brownells sku 965000315)


    Suggested Tools

    • 60 and 65 Degree Sight Files (If replacing sights)
    • Narrow #2 Swiss Cut Pillar File (Brownells sku 360312151)
    • Blue 242 Loctite
    • 4oz Ball-Peen Hammer
    • Trigger Pull Gauge (I will have one with me, though it is a necessity when doing trigger work)
    • Small Drill Press vise (Smooth Jaws)
    • Soft Jaw vise inserts
    • Sanding Sticks
    • Nylon punch (Brownells sku 080478000)
    • Gunsmith Mat