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1911/2011 Driver

2-day 600 rounds minimum


This course is designed for those that truly want to start mastering the 1911/2011 platform from a performance shooting standpoint, whether it be for duty, carry, or competition. The 1911 is truly a masters platform and requires a more dedicated end user, but the performance of the system is worth it.

Topics Covered
  • Safety

  • Equipment Considerations (Holsters, maintenance, sighting systems, etc.)

  • Effective zero’s

  • Embracing and managing recoil

  • Trigger press as it relates to performance

  • Efficient presentation of the handgun (Draws)

  • Efficient methods of reloading of the handgun

  • Disassembly and assembly of the 1911/2011

  • Parts identification and function

  • End user level maintenance and modification

  • Assessing your skills

Required Equipment
  • An open mind with a desire to learn!

  • 1911/2011 Handgun suitable for carry/duty/competition use. (If you have questions about whether your gun is suitable or not, please do not hesitate to contact us!)

  • At least 3 magazines, more for single stacks with 8 rounds or less.

  • Holster suitable for carry, duty, or competition use (No Serpa or cross draw please)

  • Way to carry at least a magazine on you person. (A belt mounted magazine pouch is HIGHLY suggested)

  • Reliable ammunition for your handgun (600rds This is a minimum requirement. The more ammo the better!)

  • A belt suitable to carry your handgun and ammunition

  • Eye protection (ANSI rated)

  • Hearing protection

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