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Custom Gunsmith Services
1911/2011 Gunsmith Services

This is not an all inclusive list, just some guidelines. There are many custom options not listed here and quotes are available on request via email at Estimates are given for all work after consultation and all estimates are honored. NOTE: All prices reflect cost of labor only. Prices do not include refinishing, shipping, or cost of parts used unless otherwise stated.

Shipping Firearms

     Complete firearms (serialized part) must be shipped from FFL to FFL. Please              have your FFL contact us for a copy of our FFL.

  • Chambers Custom RDSM Install (Does NOT include plate) COST: $150 (NOTE: Tooling fee of $25 may be applied to all DLC/Nitride/etc slides)

  • Ball Cuts (Slide Only)

  • Barrel Crowning

  • Barrel Flush Cut and Crown

  • Barrel Crown (Recessed)

  • Barrel Fit

  • Bushing Fit

  • Barrel and Bushing Fit

  • Checker Front Strap

  • Checker Trigger Guard (Under)

  • Cocking Serrations

  • Compensator Fit and Blend (Includes fitting guide rod and reverse plug cut if necessary)

  • Countersink Slide Stop

  • CTB Recessed Cocking Serrations

  • Disconnector Cut (Marvel) (Requires disconnector modification)

  • Dovetail Cut

  • Ejector Fit and Tune

  • Extractor Fit and Tune

  • Extractor Tune/Polish

  • Firing Pin Stop Plate Fit

  • Frame Rail Machining (Does not include welding or fitting of slide)

  • Flat Top Slide

  • Radius Flat Top

  • Grip Safety Fit and Tune (Frame Modification)

  • Grip Safety Fit and Tune (No Frame Modification)

  • High Power Cut (Standard)

  • Hybrid Barrel Cut

  • Lower and Flare Ejection Port

  • Magazine Release Fit

  • Magazine Tuning

  • Magazine Well Blending

  • Marvel Bull Nose

  • Plunger Tube replacement

  • Sight Cut/Install (Bomar/LPA/STI)

  • Sight Cut/Install (Standard/LoMount)

  • Reverse Plug Cut

  • Freedom (French) Borders

  • Shooters Bevel on Slide

  • Sight Install

  • Slide Blending (Includes blending slide to frame, extractor, ejector, and grip safety)

  • Slide Lightening Cuts (Forward)

  • Slide Lightening Cuts (Internal)

  • Slide Lightening Cuts (Rear STI Classic)

  • Slide Racker Dovetail Cut

  • Slide Release Fit

  • Slide to Frame Fit

  • Slide Top Serrations

  • Stock (Grip) Replacement

  • Thumb Safety Fit

  • Trigger Fit (1911)

  • Trigger Fit (2011)

  • Trigger Adjustment

  • Trigger Job (Series 70)

  • Trigger Job (Series 80)

  • Undercut Trigger Guard

  • Cut Frame for Wilson/Nowlin Ramped Barrel

  • Cut Frame for Clark/Para/Lisner Ramped Barrel

  • Zero (POA/POI specified by customer

  • “U” Notch Rear Sight Modification

  • Test Fire(50 rounds)


  • Practical Reliability Package Includes throating and polishing the barrel, polishing the feed ramp, profiling, polishing, and tuning the extractor, and polishing the breech face. COST: $300

  • Performance Reliability Package Includes the Practical Reliability Package, plus a new extractor, recoil spring, and firing pin spring. COST:$500

  • Total Performance Package Includes Performance Reliability Package PLUS: trigger job with new hammer, sear, and disconnector; Marvel Disconnector Cut, all new springs, new firing pin stop plate, new ejector; grip safety is tuned. COST: $950

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