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Practical Performance

What is Practical Performance Training all about?  It’s pretty simple actually.  We are trying to put the best information we can about combative and competitive shooting, techniques, guns, gear, classes, and whatever else may interest you!  We take away all the self absorbed, biased fluff you see out there in the shooting and training world and tell you what we think about a broad variety of topics related to shooting in both a combative and competitive aspect.  You won’t see the ego trip or the “Well, 20 years ago I was …” crowd here.  We value more what you can do RIGHT NOW, because that is all you can rely on!

Here’s what you will see from us:  the best in what makes you and your equipment faster, more accurate, more reliable, and overall better prepared for whatever your purpose may be, whether it’s combative or competitive.

About AJ Zito

Founder/Gunsmith/Lead Shooting Instructor


A.J. is the founder, gunsmith, and lead instructor for Practical Performance. He is a former member of the U.S. Army, Certified Protection Specialist and Personal Security Detail (PSD) Instructor, and formerly the Primary and Lead Firearms Instructor for multiple companies. A.J.’s focus after leaving the security and protection world has been on the concealed/covert carrying and deployment of firearms. He is a USPSA Master in Single Stack Division, as well as a multi-division Master in IDPA. He also holds several Expert and Master ratings in multiple firearms disciplines including pistol, carbine, and precision rifle through various entities.  In 2017 A.J. completed a full-time, three year gunsmithing education in general to advanced gunsmithing, custom competition, carry, and guild quality firearms. A.J. brings a vast knowledge of ballistics, instruction, competition, and real world employment of firearms to the table.  He has often been considered the “pro’s pro” among the groups he has worked with.

About Seth Blair

Lead Medical Instructor/Assistant Firearms Instructor

Seth is a former member of the U.S. Army, and has been working with A.J. since early in 2015 to develop his handgun, carbine and precision rifle skills. Seth has a shooting background based in GSSF competition which has since branched over to both USPSA and IDPA. He also has an extensive background with the AK47 platform, including but not limited to the PKM, AK74, and some work with Death Valley Magazine and Rifle Dynamics. Seth was formerly a medic in the Idaho Army National Guard, deploying to Iraq in 2010-11 and was part of a convoy escort team. Seth currently serves as the Lead Medical Instructor and Assistant Firearms Instructor. Seth’s training resume includes Ken Hackathorn’s Advanced Handgun Program, U.S. Army Live Tissues Lab, DVM’s PKM Operator and Mobile Scout Courses, U.S. Army Combat Medical Course, as well as others. Seth is a Carry Optics Master in USPSA. Seth is an experienced instructor in the area of combat medicine, including TCCC and Combat Lifesaver.

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